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The Studio was been founded in 2012 by the german mother-son duo of Barbara Korytko & Patrick Korytko.

Project Highlights

We partner with clients all around the globe from all shapes and sizes.

What we do and how we create the extraordinary

Tailored services for your success

Who we work with?

Pre-launch Companies

Let's create a solid foundation

Early-stage Brands

We provide the creativity, the strategies and the fuel to get started

Established Brands

We create brands that will leave a legacy, design that excites and experiences that customers will never forget.

Fortune 500

The sky is the limit. Even at the top, there is enough room for optimization and change to stay ahead of the competition in the future.

Celebrities & Influencers

We know how to stay discreetly in the background and create great successes on the outside that speak for themselves.

Passionate People

When like-minded people meet, the impossible can become a reality.

How to start?

Everything starts with an open ear and the right questions. We'll listen to you carefully, to fully understand your business, your needs, your goals and your long-term vision. After it we will provide you with a detailed plan of action and concept how we can help you to create the extraordinary.

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The Korytko Designer & Entrepreneur Family

We helped adidas Sport Eyewear and the Silhouette Group to successfully craft and establish their E-Commerce B2B Partner program in the D-A-CH region with an outstanding acceptance rate of over 90%.

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We helped to realize a record-breaking virtual event during the COVID-19 pandemic feat. Sylvester Stallone from its initial idea, over the whole event branding & design, marketing, and custom software development to perform and the management of the virtual event.

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Part of the Korytko Group

We are building the online marketplace of the future and bringing the personal shopping experience at local retailers to customers' homes. An immersive online shopping experience.

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We had the privilege of advising and assisting our client in the creation of one of the world's most innovative and largest studio productions in Las Vegas.

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We accompanied the founder from the first idea of an own brand to the final products, the listing at Douglas and the development of her own online store.

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We helped Europe's leading automation and affiliate marketing platform with over 250 million dollars in sales to represent themselves even better.

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We accompanied our client from the idea to the completion and opening of the restaurant. A unique restaurant experience in the heart of Stuttgart.

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